Company Introduction


Since 1976, YJT company is a leading fuel injection system which is at the forefront of the technological changes sweeping the world. We invest significantly in advanced manufacturing equipment like Bahmüller grinding machines, Studer cylindrical grinding, and Extrudehone AFM (Abrasive Flow Machining) machines, Posalux EDM machine, as well as a series of production auxiliary equipment introduced. In the company management, also established a standardized quality management system, and certified by ISO16949 quality management system.

As a high-tech company, we provide our clients: common rail related products, fuel injectors, and precision assemblies including nozzles, control valve and delivery valves, which cover over 200 models of products and are available for all the medium & high speed diesel engines for vehicles and non-road machinery.

In pursuit of our vision to lead the delivery of a stable quality & high-performance common rail products to our customers, and our mission to make our customers’ lives a whole lot brighter and

work more convenient. We leverage the talent of our nearly 100 employees to offer innovative products and a quality customer experience. We recognize the value of diversity within a group with a solid organizational culture.

Working with integrity, we value our relationships with the communities in which we work, our customers and employees, our partners and governments and regulators, as well as suppliers and business and industry partners. We recognize the importance of these partners, among others, in the sustainability of our business.

Core Values & Beliefs